Reusing code in elixir scripts (.exs)

Curious to learn strategies to reuse code in elixir scripts. I would like to use elixir for scripting things (inspired by underjord), but I feel blocked in being able to write reusable code that I can import into these scripts.

I’m trying to do something like this:


  {:hello, path: "./b"}

defmodule ATest do
  def a_test() do



defmodule Hello do
  use Mix.Project

  def world() do

You can use Code.require_file.

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EDIT: Mix.install with a path should work but it would need to be a proper mix project with a mix.exs file with at very least a def project and a lib/ directory.

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These may be of interest:


Does it have to be a file, or does Elixir have a way of loading and running from a url?

I was using Deno, and really like being able to run something just like in a web browser, point to a url and it runs. I guess there’s all this stuff about how it’s kind of tied to this security model stuff there… but I just like it for the convenience.

It’s one more line of code, jist fetch the script with Req and then load it.