Review our Phoenix/Elixir pull requests for money! Remote only. Hourly

Introductory paragraph
Trying something new I’ve never seen before: code review as a service! We’re a very small team (2 engineers), both of us smart but junior/mid working on an Elixir/Phoenix project. We’re looking for a Very Good, experienced engineer to help us review our code and pull requests.

It would probably only be a few hours a week.

About us

My name: Sebastian Villarreal
My position: CEO
Company name: Super
Country: Mexico
Company info and history:
We’re a very young, very small (4 people) startup that’s making the best insurance for Latin America. 3.6 billion people on earth are underinsured…usually because insurance products suck. Our insurance pays known, guaranteed amounts in days instead of months or years. Sometimes without even having to file a claim!

We’re a team of super experienced founders and insurance experts.

About the job

Job title: Code-reviewer-as-a-service
Job description: Review our phoenix PRs, offer improvements/criticisms, and train us.
Salary range: Hourly. You tell us.
Position on remote work: Remote only.
Qualifications or experience required: You didn’t write the phoenix book but you could have if you wanted to.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: You will be reviewing our PRs and offering suggestions on security, best practices, code cleanliness, and idiomatic elixir/phoenix.

About the interview process

  1. You will tell us what real-world phoenix projects you have worked on before.
  2. We’ll have a pleasant chat over zoom.
  3. We will ask you a couple of questions regarding real-world difficulties we’re having with phoenix
  4. We’ll show you a “fake” PR and ask you how you’d approach it.

Further info

We’re imagining this to be an hourly contractor agreement. So, we’ll ping you with a PR, you commit to reviewing it in X number of days. After your review we jump on a video call to go over your suggestions. Perhaps rinse and repeat. Bill us hourly.


I’m a junior looking to get into phoenix/elixir development with experience working on insurance software. If you’re ever looking to get another non-Senior developer onboard.


That sounds interesting! I would give it a go if you find me suitable for the job! I love challenges like that! What is the best way to get in touch with you? You can reach me on

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Hello @elbasti I would like to work with you. Currently I have almost 3 years of experience with Eilixir + Phoenix and I’m also based in Mexico. Here is my email in case you want to get in touch:

Check out the Elixir Developer Subscription by José Valim. Cost is very reasonable and quality is just amazing.