RFC: Do you think embedded TUIs stand a chance in this day and age of high end graphics?

I created a reactive TUI framework for industrial lean focused applications.

Do you think embedded TUIs stand a chance in this day and age of high end graphics?


That’s an interesting question… I guess it may well depend on how we define embedded TUIs.

I will say that I’ve definitely noticed a trend where more and more GUIs will embed a TUI. While for decades, desktop applications from text editors to CAD programs have made heavy use of Command K Bars/Palettes/Launchers designed for power users. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see how this past decade has brought the power and muscle memory of cmd/ctrl + k to everyday users through popular SAAS apps like Slack, Notion, Todoist, etc.

So if the idea of embedded TUIs include these command bars, I think they very much stand a chance in this day and age!

Not in my experience. I’d want something more capable. But I’ve only worked in mining and water, so it might suit other applications. If it is super simple it’s often better to do it with lights, indicators and buttons. Then an electrician can fix it without calling me :wink:

Can the trending be any good on a TUI?

Keyboard shortcuts are already supported for buttons. Use cases where a keyboard can be permanently attached (desktop/POS) can take advantage of them. I think however that much more work is needed to make power users happy. I will look into that. Thank you!

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I can feel your pain regarding touchscreens in heavy industry!

Trending is definitely a good challenge for TUIs and begins to leave the sweet spot for this particular RPI panel + nerves combo.

Much work to be done in that area. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!