Rich - senior developer and editor

After programming computers for fifty years, I still enjoy creating clean, readable code. Elixir and Phoenix are my choices for web development, but I frequently use Ruby for smaller scripts. A prototype version of my current project (Pete’s Alley) is available online:

I’ve also done a lot of writing, editing, and documentation review. For example, I reviewed and (lightly) edited the UNIX “man pages” for Apple’s initial release of Mac OS X. I also developed a mechanized documentation suite for the Flight Software on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope’s Large Area Telescope. My writing has been published in MacTech, SunExpert, and Unix Review, along with several software collections I created for Prime Time Freeware.

I’m available for short term and part time assignments, doing design, development, and documentation. Although I strongly prefer to work remotely, I’m happy to attend meetings in the SF Bay Area and (occasionally) elsewhere.

If you need a seasoned developer and wordsmith to help on your project, I’d be delighted to talk to you. The best way to reach me is by email (,


Tasks such as code clean-up, documentation, and refactoring are important, but not urgent. Consequently, they are commonly pushed aside, in favor of adding features and fixing critical bugs. The resulting build-up of technical debt is annoying and may even impair ongoing development.

If your project has these sorts of issues, please consider contacting me for (paid) assistance. I am particularly interested in helping out with tasks such as:

  • adding typespecs and pacifying dialyzer
  • documenting key algorithms and data structures
  • documenting system architecture and interaction