Rich Text Editor such as tinyMCE?

Hello guys, im doing a blog system, i want to add a rich text editor, i found something like tinyMCE, and want to ask what other options to use. Thx!

There is also

  • CKEditor, free for open source project
  • Draft, react editor component
  • Ace, for code editing

I remember switching from tinymce to ckeditor long time ago… But I see now that ckeditor is not free to use anymore, other than open source.


the markdown route is also worth considering (for a lot of good reasons) eg. or similar.

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I recently stumbled upon QuillJS.
Haven’t had the chance to test it, but it looks nice.

Another one is Trix from Basecamp.

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Might be good to convey what you want such rich text editor library to do. For one, it seems that Draft and Quill wasn’t built with extracting their HTML contents in mind. Sources:

Therefore if you want the content to be saved on DB and displayed as raw HTML (as is the usual case with blogs), using these is a no go without using additional processors. TinyMCE works well (Wordpress uses it too) and very customizable, and that’s what I ended up using when I looked for a RTE lib some time ago.

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Draft as a convertToRaw method, which get the editor content, and can be saved as is in a jsonb field.

And a convertFromRaw method to do the opposite.

Draft makes no assumptions about the output, and can return html, markdown etc. :slight_smile:

Like with this additional tool

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Yes, and I noted that you can with additional processors, not to mention you have to wire the resulting html/markdown to the form or AJAX yourself, whereas TinyMCE integrates with textareas out-of-the-box giving you a nice textarea filled with HTML ready for submitting.

Draft gives you flexibility, but not everyone needs that much flexibility :slight_smile: that’s why I think it’s better if OP states their intention first.

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Thx guys, i will explore these options when i have more free time, i think i’ll going with the raw html first, seems more easy for what i am aiming.