Right time to jump from phoenix 1.2 to 1.3

Hello all,

Is it better to jump on to creating production apps using phoenix 1.3 RC or proceed with 1.2 for now?
1.2 has better resources, blog posts and generally more users. I am already working with 1.2.
Most features I want to try out already has excellent libraries - like coherence, etc.

So should I wait it out a few more months, while 1.3 ‘settles in’ ?

If you are already in production stick to 1.2 there, maybe preparing a bigger upgrade to 1.3 in the background.

If you are preparing a platform that isn’t in proud yet, then it depends on how fast you want to go into prod.

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Good idea about preparing for 1.3 in the background. I am still in dev but implemented part of the features already.

How about if I am planning to go into production in say 2 months…
Just need a beta version of my app (signing on users, access an external API, visualize simple data from API), but still…is it safer to launch in 1.2

For a beta I’d even more bet on a stable version. It’s easier to sort out bugs that aren’t yours…