Role models for Elixir documentation?

The Elixir ecosystem has very convenient and powerful facilities for documenting code. These include Markdown, doctests, module attributes, typespecs, etc. By now, there should be some great examples of using these in practice.

So, I’d like to hear folks’ opinions on some code bases that use these facilities in an exemplary manner. Ideally, there would be links to particular files, accompanied by a discussion of why they rock.

It’s fine to promote some approaches and/or critique others, as long as it’s done in a friendly, positive, and respectful manner. The goal is to have a productive discussion, giving folks ideas on how to improve the documentation in their own code bases.



I don’t really have any good links for you but wanted to share my support for this.

One of my todo list items is to start blogging more about project documentation. I think it would be cool to review some open source examples and break down what they do, how and why.