Rollback migration in gigalixir?

Has anyone tried rolling back ecto migration in gigalixir.
Locally, it’s mix ecto.rollback. In gigalixir it’s gigalixir ps:migrate
There doesn’t seem to have a rollback option. What options do I have?

Not a gigalixir user but it looks like ps:migrate is just a helper, maybe you could use the strategy used to deploy (and rollback) migrations in releases.

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I would probably create a new migration that basically undo the previous one.

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That sounds like a good feature request. We will add it to our list.

Here’s how to rollback ALL migrations:


  1. Drop into a remote console with gigalixir ps:remote_console
  2. Run, Application.app_dir(:my_app, "priv/repo/migrations"), :down, [all: true])

I believe you can rollback a single item with:, Application.app_dir(:my_app, "priv/repo/migrations"), :down, [step: 1])

Be sure to use your app name from mix.exs instead of MyApp and your app atom instead of :my_app.

It appears there is now a #down for Ecto.Migrator that might be useful.

More info here: Ecto.Migrator — Ecto SQL v3.8.3