Ronex - Replicated Object Notation Elixir Package

In my search for a Git like database for versioning content I have stumbled in the concept of Replicated Object Notation:

Replicated Object Notation (RON) is a format for distributed live data . RON’s primary mission is continuous data synchronization. A RON object may naturally have any number of replicas, which may synchronize in real-time or intermittently. JSON, protobuf, and many other formats implicitly assume serialization of separate state snapshots . RON has versioning and addressing metadata , so state and updates can be always pieced together. RON handles state and updates all the same: state is change and change is state .

Every RON object, every change, every version has a globally unique UUID. There is no nesting in the RON syntax. Pieces of data reference each other by UUIDs. RON itself is a regular language; its syntax is as simple as the one of ini files. Thanks to the references, RON can express any nesting and, in general, arbitrary graphs of objects.

I found that an Elixir implementation exists, by the name of Ronex, but unfortunately with no useful docs :frowning:

His anyone using it in a pet project or production?

Please if you know of a open source project using it, can you be kind enough to point me to the link?