Route forward and dynamic path

I am upgrading my app from Phoenix 1.6 to 1.7 and I have this issue that I can not figure it out:

== Compilation error in file lib/restaurants/router.ex ==
** (ArgumentError) dynamic segment "/:channel_id_filter/graphql" not allowed when forwarding. Use a static path instead

This is the snippet of the code used:

 scope "/:channel_id_filter/graphql" do

    forward("/", AbsintheCorsBugsnagPlug,
      schema: Restaurants.Api.Schema,
      json_codec: Jason,
      json_decoder: Jason

My plug wraps the absinthe plug in rescue to be able to report crashes to Bugsnag:

def call(%Plug.Conn{body_params: body_params} = conn, opts) do, opts)
    exception ->
        severity: "error",
        stacktrace: __STACKTRACE__,
        metadata: %{
          query: body_params

      reraise(exception, __STACKTRACE__)

I need all the resources that have a string in front and then graphql to be forwarded to Absinthe graphql. I can not change the path since it’s used all over in the UI.
Is there a way to make this path work in Phoenix 1.7?

I recommend trying with match with catch-all :* param