RTC.ON - the first conference about Membrane & multimedia!

I’m thrilled to announce that for the first time, we’re organizing RTC.ON - the conference about Membrane and multimedia streaming :tada: If you’d like to chat with the Membrane team or learn from multimedia experts from around the world, there’s no better opportunity :wink:


    1. October 2023: Training day (optional): Multimedia 101 or AI image processing
    1. October 2023: Conference day: we’ve announced almost all the speakers already!
    1. October 2023: Hackathon, free workshops, afterparty

You will learn about:

  • Building streaming solutions with Membrane
  • WebRTC and real-time communication
  • AI-enhanced video processing
  • Distributing & scaling media servers
  • Building cloud infrastructure
  • Hardware-accelerated video composition
  • Quality of experience in media streaming

Location: Kraków, Poland

Tickets: RTC.ON - tickets
We’ve prepared a special discount for Elixir Forum: -60% with code Elixir28u921js. It’s a limited offer, so hurry up :wink:
Learn more at rtcon.live


This is great! To be fair I missed on how membrane became so polished and powerful, it would be great if someone made a post highlighting the path this framework went on.

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Sounds really interesting! Do you have a remote track as well, or do you plan to make videos available after the conference?

That’s a good idea. We keep posting about the progress, most frequently on Twitter / X twitter.com/ElixirMembrane and discord :wink:

We plan to livestream for free :wink: But we’d love to have you onsite :smiley:


I cannot attend (have to be home early on the 14th for a family thing, not sure I love the idea of conferences ending on Saturday!) but would love to get a ticket for the AI workshop and the conference itself. I mean, I’d love to pay for that.

Of course the best part of a conference is saying hi to the people you know and meeting new ones, and that won’t work remotely… but it would be a start.

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Gotcha. Due to the form of the workshops, they will be onsite only and won’t be streamed. Regarding Saturday, it’s more like a post-conference hackathon included in the price :wink: All the talks will take place on Friday.

Got my ticket… see You soon :slight_smile:


Just a reminder that the conference starts this Friday! You can still buy a ticket :wink: Check the final agenda here. The live stream will be available here :arrow_forward:


If anybody is interested, it’s being live-streamed right now: https://rtcon.live/


Thank You for the conference, glad to have met You in person :slight_smile:


Good to meet you too :wink: It was a fantastic day!