Run code directly in Atom?


is it possible to run code/commands directly in Atom like C# Code in Visual Studio?
Seems like the “iex” Extension is Linux only and i have a windows system…


iex should be available on windows as well. It has its problems though, some of them are solved by using iex --werl.

This package won’t even install in my atom IDE with a large error text. (Atom is nearly new!) Wrong package?

Edit: I also meant this package is mainly for OSX, not Linux…

Why don’t you use iex in the terminal?

I don’t know about Atom, but it was possible in Sublime Text 3 via a the most popular REPL plugin. So I suppose it should be doable somehow in Atom as well. I have switched to VS Code now, though, due to the superior intellisense-like features implemented by the awesome elixir-ls plugin.

Maybe i am blind or i just closed something by accident, but where do i find it?

Or do you mean “Elixir”, the App itself?

Yes, i installed VSCode at first, but i couldn’t find a good “Tutorial” for the whole inbstallation. I don’t mean the expensions, i mean the VSCode itself, with the Project Folder etc. A best practise would have been very helpful here for a non developer… I gave up here.

Where do you find what?

The terminal itself in Atom.
I pasted my current view of Atom and i am not able to find it

AFAIK Atom needs one installed first via a plugin, but you can just use your regular terminal…

You mean the Elixir Terminal itself?
Isn’t this a little contra productive to use it outside of my IDE?

What is an elixir terminal? Just open your command line of choice and type iex.

And I do not consider it contra productive, as in most IDEs or smart editors (atom is one of the latter) you need the mouse to go from code to terminal pane, while if editor and terminal are distinct windows I can just use Win+K (or Alt+Tab on most mainstream DEs) to swap active windows.

I use this terminal package: platformio-ide-terminal

However, it is Powershell and iex is an alias in Powershell, for Invoke-Expression
So to run iex in Powershell, you can use iex.bat -S mix