Run Credo in your Pull Requests with Ebert

I’m happy to announce that Ebert is now free for open-source projects:

You can review Elixir projects (and their Pull Requests) using Credo (

See Ecto’s review as an example:

Ebert also has engines for Ruby, Sass, JavaScript, HTML, Markdown and so on:


For the curious ones, we have enabled it for Ecto. Here is the reviews page:

Here is the bot commenting on a pull request:

And here is a pull request someone sent to close specifically the issues listed on Ebert:

More PRs closing the existing issues are welcome!


Ebert looks fantastic, and it’s great to see it free for open source projects :023:

I love the name as well :003:


I just got an email telling me that my trial will expire in 5 days. It does also tell me that there will be no further reviews of my repositories:

  1. We won’t review any Pull Request of NobbZ repositories anymore.
  2. You won’t be able to add new repositories to be reviewed or invite new members to follow the review results of your repositories.

This reads, as if ebert is going to do nothing on any of my repositories anymore while the mainpage (which is only accessible when not logged in) states:

100% free for public projects

All of my ebert-watched projects/repositories are public, so I am unsure after that email what will happen next sunday…

Will ebert stop to work for me as stated in the email or will it just work as stated on the webpage?


The trial refers to the paid reviews for private repositories. If you had added a private repo, it would stop being reviewed.

Your public repositories will continue to be reviewed, not only for Elixir repos but any other supported languages/engines. :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure the messages are more clear in this regard.
Thanks for trying it!


Based on feedback from people on this forum, we now use the new integration from GitHub to make Ebert easier to run:

Thanks a lot