Run observer_cli in machine only with `erl`


I have been for trying to make observer work for ages now without success. So in my search for alternatives, I found a hex package called observer_cli.

It is a library that once executed gives you all the information of the app like observer does, but via a CLI. This means I can put it in the production machine and see it live, without any pesky ssh tunnels nor anything. Like htop but for BEAM.


There are actually 2 problems:

  1. This seems to require iex to run (all the examples use it) but the production machine does not have elixir, only erlang.
  2. It is a library and needs to be inside a project.


How do I turn observer_cli into a standalone executable that I can run in machine containing only erlang?

I have seen they have a escriptize but I don’t know what that means, nor do I understand the instructions (rebar3?)

Would appreciate some help.

If use distillery release you can start remote console by <your app name> remote_console.
And then run observer_cli by :observer_cli.start.

The idea is to use it locally, and no we don’t use distillery :cry:

By use it locally, you mean run observer_cli on your dev machine and connect to remote prod server? In that case I guess you have to resolve the same problems as with GUI observer.

I mean I am in the production machine, and I want to attach it to the running application and check it.