Running a project with another project as dependency, but not in umbrella

Hi everybody
I’m writing a service that consists in two separated projects, not inside an umbrella, where one project references the other as a dependency with the path key.
The referenced one runs without any problem when run isolated, but it can’t start when being used referenced by the other.

Project1 is a phoenix app, but I think this has nothing to do with the problem.

I think that the problem is that when started from the other one the config files could not be read, so it fails to start as an app.

I have this error

** (ArgumentError) could not fetch application environment :project_id for application :project2 because the application was not loaded/started. If your application depends on :project2 at runtime, make sure to load/start it or list it under :extra_applications in your mix.exs file

But it’s not helpful, the suggestion does not work.
Can I use some configuration to achieve what I want?

Ok, I just auto reply me.
I see that I can import the project2 config files into my project1 config files.
And then the project2 can start properly

for config <- "../../project2/config/config.exs" |> Path.expand(__DIR__) |> Path.wildcard() do
  import_config config

This is not what you want.

You want to add configuration for project2 in the config/foo.exs of project1.

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What I did was import configuration of project2 inside project1/config/config.exs with just one sentence so I don’t have to repeat code in both projects.
import_config "../../project2/config/config.exs"
But I understand your point.
I can override when I need.

This is not how configs are supposed to work.

If you want to have defaults for your configs, then you’ll need to provide those from your other application. eg Application.get_env(:project2, :port) || 8080 when starting.