Running BEAM in the Web Browser

Continuing the discussion from WebAssembly and Elixir:

I would like to fork the above thread to continue the narrower discussion of how to get BEAM up and running in web browsers, so that we can run Erlang and Elixir code in them.

As @dbern mention in that thread, it seems like DockYard is exploring the idea of compiling Elixir and the BEAM to Web Assembly, which is a related topic.

Do you have any thoughts on what would be the main benefits and challenges of getting BEAM to run in the web browser, and how to make that happen? Would it be worth the effort?

Please share your thoughts and ideas in this thread. We can also use this thread to gather and index relevant/related articles and blog posts for easy reference.



Erlang in the Browser

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Nice, thanks! I was not aware of that project until now.