Running Distillery Release on Windows Server

Hi guys,

I have spent some time trying to get Distillery releases working on Windows. I now have it running on my Windows 10 machine without a hitch, but when I deploy that release to a Windows 2008 server, it fails to run with the error unrecognized option "ERTS_LIB_DIR". Does anyone know if I’m missing required installations to make this run?


did you build it on Win 10 or Windows 2008 server? Win 10 is never version, and you deploy on older so it may be similar issue to trying to deploy release built on newer version of Ubuntu on older version…

It’s built on Win 10, but building on Windows 2008 Server would be a pain if I have to do that every time. I could spin up a Windows 7 VM on my local box. Would I experience the same issues, then? Maybe I should give it a try…

I don’t know. Windows version mismatch would be my primary suspect, however. I ran upon similar issues when building releases on Linux, it really makes sense to have the release build and execution environment aligned.

Thanks @hubertlepicki. I have been putting off that option, specifically :slight_smile: