Running full phoenix 1.5.7 with ecto on nerves

Does anyone have information on how to run the newest phoenix 1.5.7 with a database on nerves?

I can’t comment on the DB part as I haven’t done that, but I have a Phoenix project with LV on Nerves and the Phoenix setup wasn’t really any different from a normal one. Just had to configure the Nerves networking stuff properly and then slap Phoenix on the project and add the endpoint to the main supervisor.

For DB support there are two parts to consider. Hardware specs a.k.a. does the database run well (enough) and getting any non elixir dependencies running on a nerves system (a.k.a. an immutable buildroot system). What I tried prev. was using postgres within docker – which I saw @mobileoverlord use in a talk demo before – but it didn’t seem to be great in terms of performance. I feel something like CubDB is more appropriate for the job, but doesn’t come with ecto support.

@Nicd Yes. I already did some tests with a basic phoenix application but the part that I would need now is some persistent data storage (preferably with Ecto support).

@LostKobrakai I had a look at CubDB recently and it seems really like a good fit. As you said it currently doesn’t come with Ecto support. I also had a look at sqlite. But sqlite has, unfortunately, no support for Ecto 3. I don’t know if any efforts are currently being made to try to support Ecto 3 (@ConnorRigby??)