Running livebook on a NAS (synology)

I’ve been running livebook from a little synology nas

I’ve been running into issue with what I think is Kino not rendering cells.

For example, I follow these steps.
#1 I click create new notebook.
#2 I click +Smart button.
#3 I click setup runtime
#4 run time does it thing returns :ok
#5 the normal smart form does not render as normal.

I get no runtime errors

If I click the eval button it looks as if it defaults to the image to text selection.

Running from Docker image on 0.8.1

Any ideas?

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Ah I think I found it.

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at :8081/iframe/v4.html. (Reason: CORS request did not succeed). Status code: (null).

Needed to open port 8081 in addition to 8080