Running `mix -S iex` without starting application?

I’m writing a small CLI application using Burrito. Per its README, I set up an application with a mod entrypoint in mix.exs; the module looks something like the below

def MyTool.Application do
  use Application

  def start(_type, _args) do
    # ...


While this works great for Burrito, it impedes my ability to use iex -S mix, as the application just runs, and then terminates before iex can even start! Is there a way I can launch iex without starting my application, while still being able to call the functions it defines?

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iex -S mix run --no-start would do what it sounds like, while also loading your program’s modules and configuration for use.


Blah! I was so close! I had tried iex -S mix --no-start, iex -S mix run, but not them together. Thanks :slight_smile:

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