Running two releases for different environment builds on the same machine

I use releases to deploy and run my applications on the same server. I had the brilliant :man_facepalming: idea of running demo alongside prod from the same source code, the only thing that differs is the actual env parameters that are passed in. Good fit for use case.

so far so good, no duplication, the release is done perfect, on startup.

Protocol 'inet_tcp': the name ex@elxsy seems to be in use by another Erlang node

Searching around the ways to rename my release and I found out vm.args in the mix release, templates and RELEASE_NODE from ERLANG options.

I have set both the vm template and vm.args in the release folder and RELEASE_NODE env var in my startup for demo. I was in a throw-it-all-in and get it working mode, not sure which one actually works now!

Bit scared to shut down my main prod instance in case my modifications f’ed something up :smiley:

How should I sort this out? This was a snap this isn’t working but I got other stuff to do right now kind of thing.

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You made my day here… you got me to laugh hard here :rofl:

I have been in this mode too many times…

Sorry to not be able to help you with your problem.

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ahahah my pleasure!

first solve the problem then find the root cause :smiley:

as long as I don’t need to push anything, it will be all good for a while

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