San Diego Elixir / Erlang - Thurs. July 21, 7:00pm

Ecto Outside of Phoenix with Geo

Many projects you will work on in most programming languages are
backed by a database connection and Elixir is no different. The go-to
module for accessing databases in Elixir is Ecto. In this live-coding
session, we will create a sample application and go over the basics of
how to use Ecto in your Elixir applications.
Geo Lessel

After starting in web development in PHP, Geoffrey has been
developing with Ruby and Rails since 2006 and learning and dabbling in
Elixir since 2014. He lives in Oceanside, CA with his wife and 3 kids
and is a developer with Planning Center Online. Give him some sweet
tweets at @geolessel or read some of his writing at

:pizza: :poultry_leg: :tropical_drink: :beers: Food, drink, and event location will be provided by The Control Group!

:surfing_man: About The Control Group
We are a 5-year-old, progressive web development and digital
marketing, self-funded startup company that is already extremely
profitable and expanding at a rapid pace. We focus our internal
resources on building and marketing our own products so we’re our own
clients. We currently have 80+ employees at our offices in Pacific Beach
and Little Italy as well as a 175 person Member Care team in Las Vegas
and a new 160 person Member Care team in Kearney Mesa.
Our flagship product is Instant Checkmate (,
a people-search engine. The product is doing phenomenally well. The
site gets OVER a million unique page hits a day and has been ranked as
high as 310 on Alexa’s most visited sites in America. We also recently
have launched two new products and are currently working on three more
which will launch within the year. We are looking to grow our team
of Front End and Application Developers. If you have solid Javascript,
Node.js, and/or Golang chops we would love to talk with you!

:red_car: Parking
There is paid parking (marked in GREEN on the map below) underneath the shopping center on the corner of Pacific Beach Drive and Mission Blvd. There is also lots of street parking (some of it is marked in RED on the map below but it’s all over) on the side streets across from the shopping center on the east side of Mission Blvd.