SASL report formatting in Distillery release

I’m trying to get all the logger logs for my project output in a particular json format. So far, I have added a custom formatter to the console log handler, and that has worked great for all my logs except for the SASL reports (the ones that start with “===Supervisor Report==” or similar) which are still coming out unformatted.

I’ve already added the following to my logger config, with no change to the results:

config :logger
  handle_otp_reports: true,
  handle_sasl_reports: true

I am using Distillery to create the release that I am running, which may be related. I do not see the SASL logs at all when I run via mix. There is also this nugget in the logger docs:

"Your application must guarantee :sasl is started before :logger"

This could certainly also be the problem, but I am not explicitly running the sasl app at all. Is sasl launched by Distillery, and if so, how can I guarantee that it starts before Logger?