Scenic Asteroids: A simple Asteroids clone written using Scenic

I’ve posted about this a couple times on the forum already but I’d like to formally present to you Scenic Asteroids, a simple Asteroids clone written with the Scenic UI library (the repo was formally called scenic_playground). It is open source under the BSD 3-clause license.

Link to repo: GitHub - axelson/scenic_asteroids: A toy Asteroids clone written in Elixir with the Scenic UI library

It is meant mainly as a learning/for fun project to experiment with Scenic and hopefully is it is easy to understand the code. SchedEx is used to implement the core game loop. You can run the game on either desktop or on Nerves (with the official Raspberry PI touch screen).

Things it is not:

  • Good example of testing
  • A full-featured game (although it does have time-scale increasing difficulty modifier)

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or thoughts! (I’m also interested in any high scores you get)


This is awesome - I loved playing Asteroids growing up!! :slight_smile:


Cool, nice use of Scenic! And thanks for mentioning SchedEx, that looks like a very useful library.

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