Scenic Live Reload - Add live reload to your scenic project in development

Scenic Live Reload is a library that you can drop-in to your Scenic applications to give you nearly effortless live-reloading capabilities in development. No longer will you have to stop your scenic app and restart it, instead when you save changes to your files, those will be picked up, recompiled, and then your current scenic scene will be reloaded. It is an evolution of my scenic_starter_pack that now requires much less integration which makes it easy to drop into an existing project.


To get started you just need to add the library to your deps, and then drop this in your configuration:

case Mix.env() do
  :dev ->
    config :exsync,
      reload_timeout: 75,
      reload_callback: {ScenicLiveReload, :reload_current_scene, []}

  _ ->

GitHub repo:

I hope everyone gets to enjoy and play around with Scenic, I know I’ve been enjoying it greatly!


Just released version 0.2.0 of scenic_live_reload, it is now more reliable if you have a deep tree of scenes.

The changelog has instructions on upgrading, but it may be easier to just look at the PR to the demo app:

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