Scenic Starter Pack - Scenic Starter with Live Reload

I’ve been playing around with Scenic and it is super fun. However, I got tired of constantly restarting and relaunching my application so I made this starter pack (that builds on scenic_new) to provide live reload-type functionality. Just edit your file and you’ll see the scene reloaded nearly instantly!

Here’s a demo where I replace the text “World” with “Scenic”, then change the color of the text to purple. Next I change the shape of the bézier curve:

Check it out on GitHub!


@axelson Can you release it as a library? Maybe talk do @boydm to include this to scenic, scenic_new or as a dependency for generated app in mix task.


I’d be glad to release it as a library (or directly integrate it). Although I’m not sure how I’d do that because right now the implementation is quite invasive, you need to render the Navigation component in your graph and pass it your scene (that you have registered by name). Although if it was integrated into Scenic you may be able to avoid that work. All you really need in scenic is a way to kill the currently running scene. I’ll have to look at what hooks scenic provides.

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