Scenic's built in text field speed

I finally got around to starting a project with Scenic today, and pretty quickly ran into an issue. For the built in text field component, there is a very notable amount of lag between typing and the appearance of text in the field. Before I dig into it too much, I was hoping someone might just have answers for things like: is it probably my machine? OS? (fairly old HP pavilion, running Ubuntu 18). Are there options or things I can do in code to change the delay? If I don’t need many of the features, would I be better off with just a styled rectangle and text?

I’ve seen a lot of cool demos with Scenic, and am looking forward to seeing what it can do! However, I don’t want to go to far down a path that is outside the bounds of intended use cases.

Personally I don’t see a huge input lag on my machine. Make sure you are using latest scenic release. Also look that scenic has not yet released 1.0.0 version which would be considered as stable. It’s not going to happen soon, but it’s because there are lots of things to fix/implement yet.

It’s possible that it could be because of slow machine or also maybe because of drivers (not sure about current status of nouveau, but it was considered really slow when I used it few years ago). Also it’s pretty new GUI library (especially comparing to others), so I do not expect here best :fireworks: at least for now.

Can you please open issue in scenic_driver_glfw github project? Please add information about your drivers and hardware. Can you somehow measure your input lag delay?