Scout: Elixir application monitoring (free)

We’ve released a BETA version of our Elixir app monitoring library, scout_apm. Scout instruments Phoenix (controllers, views, and templates) + Ecto, and has support for custom instrumentation.

Detailed transaction traces are collected as well.

We offer a (generous, I think :slight_smile: ) free plan. Get started.

We’d love your feedback: lots more is planned.



Just set it up for and it was super easy, A+ would do again :slight_smile:

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Do you support OpenTracing reporting? Right now I’m working on open source API gateway and would be glad to include you in list of supported monitoring services :slight_smile:, goal is to give customers consistent view on everything that happening in microservice architecture for each API request.

We don’t support OpenTracing reporting.

Curious though how comfortable you are adding instrumentation via Otter? Elixir is a bit harder to auto-instrument than, say, Ruby, so I can see the need.

We don’t use it yet, and I don’t think that gateway itself should be instrumented automatically, since there are very limited number of places where we want to collect metrics. But upstream backends can be in many different languages, and I don’t want to think how they are instrumented, I just want the data to be connected between different microservices.

Enhancements from the past several weeks:

  • DevTrace - a free, in-browser development profiler. Prevent performance issues from reaching production.
  • Custom Instrumentation - easily instrument parts of your app that fall outside our default Elixir instrumentation.
  • Context - add metadata (like the current session’s user email address) to your transaction traces.