Scrub_params/2 for LiveView submissions?

For DeadView submitted forms, there’s the scrub_params/2 function we all know and love :wink: Didn’t find anything of an equivalent for LiveView though. Why? Didn’t look hard enough? Not needed because [very valid reason]? Or still something else?

Ecto.Changeset can deal with empty input (see :empty_values option on cast/4) just fine. No need to scrub them before.

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I see. And what makes it so different in “DeadView” then? Or is the function basically an artefact these days?

I don’t think there’s a difference, but people have imo leaned much more heavily on ecto when using LV and this might just be the result of nobody having asked for it.

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My somewhat less-phoenix-trained eye couldn’t find anything really differentiating either, hence the curiosity and question. Thank you, Benjamin.