Searching for a blogpost about testing live view

I am pretty sure I read a blog post once about how to test live view without using headless browsers.

And as I am experimenting with live view now, I wanted to re-read that article/post for my experiments.

Sadly everything I can find relies on headless browsers.

Can someone perhaps point me to some blog posts about testing live view without headless browsers?

This one is pretty basic, yet might be helpful:

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Can’t help with the specific blog post, but the liveview docs are good. The only reason you might need a headless browser is if you needed to test the js on a page as well. Otherwise the docs for liveview provide good info on testing.

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there’s also a talk from the same author (German Velasco) that’s already pointed to above, see here:

And he has another blog post

Another thing that could help you is this: The source code behind bytepack from the ‘makers’ themselves :slight_smile: AFAICS it’s not using any headless browsers so could help you to see how they are doing it.

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