SecretVault -- store your secrets inside your repository

SecretVault :lock:

All-in-one solution for storing your secrets inside repository.


It is a lightweight zero-dependency solution for Elixir projects to store secrets inside your repository that my friend and I made during #spawnfest 2022.


  1. No external dependencies, pure Elixir
    You don’t need to setup and external binaries or services. And you can extend this library in plain Elixir.

  2. Mix-aware.
    Secrets are separated per-environment and there is a bunch of useful mix tasks to manipulate these secrets. Building releases with SecretVault is nothing different from building regular release.

  3. Easy to use.
    There is a straightforward tutorial for simple installation, and the whole project is well documented.

  4. Secure.
    Uses :crypto’s aes256gcm cipher by default. Plus there is a special task for performing very basic but useful audit of your secrets to detect weak or similar passwords.


This project is not available on yet, but we’re planning to release a version as a soon as spawnfest evaluation finishes.


This is awesome.

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I meant it when I said this is awesome!!

Here’s why:

LiveBook has this open ticket about storing secret directly on a markdown file, which people generally push to Git repo.

So I was hoping this project of yours fit the bill. :upside_down_face:

@hissssst please reach out to @josevalim.

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