Secure files transfers servers in Elixir?

Some updates:

I have been working on my corporate app (not the SscsEx on Github) SFTP Server/Client using streaming, integrity checking and retries on error.

Inspired by the “Real-Tme Phoenix” book, I had the idea to create a Phoenix app to monitor in real-time my SFTP Client/servers with no or at least minimal database accesses
It uses Phoenix + LiveView + Bulma CSS + Surface in order to completely avoid JS. I only have a small DETS database to store the basics informations about my servers (no Ecto) grabbing the rest in real time, with Phoenix Channels.

I only added a new communication layer on my SFTP Servers/Clients using the PhoenixClient library and made minimal refactories.

At the moment it’s on a very crude state but it works !