Real-time Phoenix (Pragprog)

Build Highly Scalable Systems with Channels

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Available in Beta now

This title will be available on or about 2020-03-10

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I’m SO excited - can’t wait!!!
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Thanks; I was puzzled for a bit when I couldn’t find it on the store front.


I emailed support and “Pat the Gerbil” responded this morning that it will be released in Beta this week.


Any rumours about the author? :slight_smile:


They just replied: Stephen Bussey


This Stephen Bussey @sb8244? :003:


Hi all, it is my book!

I haven’t discussed it anywhere yet because it hasn’t officially gone into beta, but it’s very soon. I’m not sure I can give out a timeline just in case it needs to be adjusted in any way. (Hopefully it won’t be!)

edit: I’ll also be at ElixirConf this week. My colleague, Grant, and I are leading a training on Tuesday about real-time applications in Elixir. Feel free to chat about the book or anything else if you see me.


Congrats Stephen! I can’t wait :003:

I’m not sure if it’ll be feasible for a book like this, but could you try and make it e-reader friendly if at all possible please? (More details in my Programming Ecto (Pragprog) - #40 by AstonJ review.)

Can you also share some brief details about the book and what it might cover? Personally I’d love to see how to use LiveView for things like site-wide notifications and it would be great if you cover such a topic :smiley:

I’m guessing you already have, but it may also be worth looking through the liveview tag to see what people have been trying to do with it (which might give you some ideas for the book).

Good luck and please keep us updated :023:


Thanks for that link. I thought maybe it was related to a technical aspect of e-readers, but I see it’s about the flow of the book. I think it should have a similar flow, because Pragmatic really spends a lot of time on making sure that the particular type of flow you mentioned is used in their books (at least the Elixir ones). My editor has been great on that front. If you do find anything that’s not friendly, I’d definitely look at correcting during the beta period.

The book has 3 parts that focus on different aspects of real-time systems and Phoenix Channels. Deeper foundation dive into WebSockets, all about Phoenix Channels, and moving into concepts like building a data pipeline with GenStage (one of my favorite parts). Future chapters get into turning all of that foundational knowledge into a real application.

The great thing about LiveView is that once you understand the foundations of Channels, PubSub, and general real-time concepts, it becomes very easy to understand LiveView. I’m hoping that these foundations will get developers going in the best way possible.


@sb8244 really look forward to the book. Content request: plz cover how to hot-upgrade socket connections and LiveViews, so I don’t bring down long-lived subscriptions during updates.


wohoo :clap: - looking forward to it @sb8244 !


This is so cool!! @sb8244, could you tell us a bit about the application we will build?


Congratulations! You’re down to the home stretch now. Best of luck!


I’m a bit into sneakers, so you’ll be adding some real-time features to a “flash sale” shoe site. I always experience the frustration of not knowing what’s properly in-stock during those (and they typically sell out in < 2 minutes.) It starts off light with adding basic Channel support, but then we’ll move into things like knowing how many users are online (Tracker), admin interface, basic shopping cart, etc.

Thanks Lance!


Just got the email from PragProg, it’s available in beta now.


From the email:

August 28, 2019

On this day in 1845, the first issue of Scientific American magazine was published. Information and discoveries flow a lot faster these days, and you need to be able to keep up: not just faster, but in real time. Use Elixir programming and Phoenix Channels to create a real-time experience the easy way. Read all about it in Real-Time Phoenix: Build Highly Scalable Systems with Channels, now available in beta from

Come and get it.

That’s a nice intro. :023:


Just purchased it, make sure to use ElixirForum for a nice discount :wink: Looking forward to this book!


Thanks for the support y’all. As you have seen, the book went into Beta today…I did promise it would be soon :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy it and the future chapters that will come out through the Beta process.


Just got my copy as well. Now, I just need time to read it :joy: