Seeking a mentor for 1hr bi-weekly paid


I am looking for a bi-weekly (every other week) mentor to help with development strategy, troubleshooting, and framework stuff like upgrading versions. I have a webapp is phoenix/liveview and has active, non-paying users. I’ve been working on for a few years through my self-learning journey. I’ve had the extraordinary benefit of having had another mentor for the past 1.5 years, but all things come to an end for good reasons and it’s time for me to find a new coach.

For reference, I’ve been paying $90/hour gratefully. I could pay more, but might need to lessen the frequency depending on how much more. If possible, I’d like to find a weeknight and start at/after 8:30pm Eastern time to share my screen and talk/work through whatever the day’s scope is.

edit: If interested, please message me directly. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I think that I never saw such form, so I tried to find what this mean:

Biweekly can mean twice a week or once every two weeks, but most people use it to refer to the latter. There are times, however, when a biweekly meeting on your work schedule may occur twice a week.

Source: What Does “Biweekly” Mean? Definition and Examples | Grammarly

Which one is it?

Do you want someone to do the job or you only want a guide to do everything yourself?

Last time I made a rework was in avatarex project:

I was working with Elixir for last 7 years. As you see I have experience in creating the API as well as meta-programming including improvement of speed using at compile-time (if possible).

If interested I can do a similar thing, answer all your questions in the PR and create an invoice based on salary you proposed.

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If we’re talking weekends, I can help. Already have two enthusiastic former trainee customers whom I helped not only learn Elixir better but also taught them strategies to fix various problems, how to make and maintain parallel architectures, and showed them various external tooling to facilitate solutions outside of the code.

Can provide references in private if you’re interested.

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Hi Eiji,

Thank you for responding. Bi-weekly in this context means every other week. I think I’m looking for someone who can do evenings, eastern-US time, though. I will update the post accordingly.

Thank you very much!

Hi dimitarvp, thank you for responding! I am hoping to find a time around 8:30pm Eastern-US time on a weeknight. I could do weekends occasionally, but weekends are typically for my son and hectic with sports and birthday parties. I will update the post accordingly.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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If you mean audio calls unfortunately my max range is within 15 hours from 12am to 3pm EST. However for text chat I’m available any time you choose. It could be a regular week day or weekend.

I’ll DM you with further details so as not to turn the thread into a chat.

8:30 EST is workable for me at some days. Night owl since a teenager and in my 40s now so likely will never change.

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