Seeking contributors for Elixir Quiz

I’m creating a project called Elixir Quiz. It’s a platform that will have questions all about elixir and provide users with a score and feedback. I already have a minimum viable product available, check out the source code here, if you want to take the quiz you can do so on Heroku.

It only has about 9 or 10 questions so far but hopefully, I’ll be able to add more soon. I’d also like to have an option for Q&A, Elixir tip of the day, and a leaderboard + badges for those who score high.

The project is written in Angular6. If you want to contribute feel free to submit a PR, or simply send me a message!


When I’m in leaderboard page and hit refresh (<F5>) then I got error: Cannot GET /leaderboard on blank page.

Nice! I actually prefer quizzes to code challenges and really enjoyed going through it :lol:

Maybe you could work with ElixirSchool (self-published) (free) and create a quiz to go after each chapter or something? Whatever you decide, good luck - I think it will be a lot of fun :023:


What about a some trivia as well? :lol:

Q? What did Dave Thomas famously describe Phoenix as?

  • A Rails clone
  • A standard web framework
  • More than a web framework!

Here’s another one:

Q? The Phoenix team tested a server where they managed to serve 2 million concurrent connections, but which of the following statements is true?

  • In Elixir/Erlang, one web server can serve millions of connections
  • In Elixir/Erlang, you can have millions of web servers that serve ONE connection each
  • Elixir/Erlang, cannot serve concurrent connections
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I’m not sure those questions would age very well.


I suspect it is related to an incorrect url. Angular is supposed to overwrite the environment variables based on if it is running in prod or not but I noticed that even in production it is using the development urls.

That’s a really great idea, thank you! I can use some of their examples like the KV buckets to base questions on.

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