Seeking: one detailed-oriented developer to breathe life into a new product

Tl;dr we’re looking for a developer with experience in Elixir and Phoenix to help us build the first version of a product that simplifies the management of investment real estate portfolios. Two hard requirements: a monomaniacal attention to detail and a strong command of the written word.

Company details

Name: Doorframe
Website: (currently blank!)
Country: :us: US-domiciled, :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia: hiring globally

Why Doorframe exists

I am an inveterate renter. I love the optionality it confers and the different perspectives it provides. There’s a chance I “settle down” someday, but that day is entirely hypothetical.

To date, I’ve never had an amazing experience renting someone else’s investment property. “I could do better” has crossed my mind, but it was always a fleeting thought. Until…

…I acquired several investment properties. Suddenly, that fleeting thought morphed into real and pressing concerns. My first instinct was to explore “buy” in the timeless “build vs. buy” dilemma.

Spoiler: My search was fruitless. The landscape reminded me of payment processing before Stripe. Needlessly complicated and poorly designed, with a hefty dose of “Contact Sales” and hidden pricing.

There must be a better way, and I’m going to build it with your help.

How we work

100% remote
No preferred timezones or mandatory overlap.

No individual work e-mail addresses
Shared inboxes smash silos and provide for correspondence with the outside world.

Asynchronous communication by default
Conversations of record take place in GitLab. A hosted Matrix instance provides a space for lighter, ephemeral fare.

What we’re building

The best way to manage and grow a real estate investment portfolio.

We’re starting with the money: collecting rent payments online. The next stop is building adapters for utilities, lenders, and taxing authorities to support one-click bill payments. After that, we’ll keep pulling on the thread.

Also: a sustainable business in every sense of the word. No “disrupting” anything — just shipping solid products that constantly improve over time. No venture capital — just turning a profit by charging customers and spending less than we make.

What we’re looking for

Someone interested in doing their best work. Experience in Elixir and Phoenix is a must, as is the ability to communicate effectively via the written word. Attention to detail is paramount. Strong opinions about and familiarity with consuming HTTP APIs (official and otherwise) will come in handy, as will any history of developing bespoke bots for recalcitrant websites and forms.


While we prove the concept: your hourly contracting rate.

Once we’re up and running: a salary that doesn’t change based on where you live.

Litmus tests

:white_check_mark: Server-side HTML rendering
:no_entry_sign: Client-side rendering (e.g. React, Vue, Angular)

:white_check_mark: Minimal, useful JavaScript (e.g. LiveView)
:no_entry_sign: Websites masquerading as native apps (also: Electron)

:white_check_mark: Web standards
:no_entry_sign: “Works best in Chrome”

:white_check_mark: Boring, sensible datastores (e.g. PostgreSQL)
:no_entry_sign: MongoDB

:white_check_mark: Judicious, careful dependency inclusion
:no_entry_sign: left-pad

:white_check_mark: Self-service sign-up and cancellation
:no_entry_sign: “Contact sales”

:white_check_mark: Privacy as a fundamental human right
:no_entry_sign: Cross-site tracking, e-mail spy pixels, anything Facebook

Next steps

Send an e-mail to telling us why you’re interested and how you’d approach the work. Questions are welcome, too, as is information that showcases your abilities and achievements.

We will get back to every single person with a decision.


Thank you to all of the incredibly talented developers who responded to our post!

We’re thrilled to be working with an amazing, detailed-oriented Elixir developer.

Are you still looking?

Not at this time. If (when!) we have additional work, we’ll start a new post.

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