Seeking short or long term contract


My consulting company, Reflective Software, is available for contracting. Reflective is comprised of me (Eric Saxby) and Erik Hanson—we each have multiple decades of professional software development experience, including 6+ years of experience with Elixir (including Phoenix and LiveView), plus recent experience with Rust and Swift/SwiftUI. Our open source libraries and tools can be found at · GitHub.

We are both in the San Francisco Bay Area, and could do remote or some hybrid contracting.

Some things that we’d be especially helpful with:

  • Feature work; independent product development or team augmentation.
  • Testing in Elixir/Phoenix (CI; page pattern with ConnTest and LiveViewTest; sync→async tests; flaky/slow tests; decoupling integration tests from specific HTML; improving database + schema tests).
  • Phoenix LiveView.
  • Data pipelines (including frameworks such as Broadway and Membrane).
  • Developer workflow improvement with flexible shared development environment setup: Medic — Medic v1.11.0, GitHub - synchronal/medic-rs: Development workflow automation/suggestion.
  • Elixir NIFs using Rust / rustler: GitHub - synchronal/specter: Headless webrtc client.
  • Updating projects to latest patterns and dependency versions.
  • High volume database optimization; custom Ecto types
  • OTP—help with the learning curve of using Elixir/Erlang paradigms for state and concurrency.

Here’s a longer description of the types of things we’ve worked on in the past few years: Recent Work

We can be contacted at, or we’re both on the Elixir Slack.

GitHub: sax (Eric Saxby) · GitHub, eahanson (Erik Hanson) · GitHub, · GitHub