Segmentation fault on fresh install with raspbian stretch

Hi, three months ago I installed elixir on my rpi zero successfully following these steps:

But yesterday, after installing it and executing iex or erl, I only get a segmentation fault error.

That’s weird because if I install erlang-dev package it works perfect.

I tried to download and install the packages from: but segmentation fault error continues.

Is anyone having the same issues?

somebody else had issues here Can't import Calendar.ISO on raspberry pi

I would recommend installing erlang/elixir/node with asdf


This is probably not much use, but a good while back I had some issues with segfaults and eventually used the following article to assist with troubleshooting:

Thank you, I’ll try this one

I was trying to install on a rpi zero,

Now, installing it on a rpi 3 b it works fine.

Could it be related to hardware? :thinking:

Well, finally it seems to only be working with 20.1.7 esl-erlang or lower for raspberry pi zero.