Selecting from many_to_many associations


I’m currently working on porting a website to Elixir/Phoenix/Ecto, and I’m wrestling with some legacy database questions.

I have a schema Project which has:

  • many_to_many :illustrators
  • many_to_many :clients
  • many_to_many :agencies

and tons of more.

When I query, I get all these extra fields I have no use for, so I started looking at select. I only want a field or two from the associations, so I tried writing my query like this:
        from project in Project,
          preload: [
            :illustrators, :clients, :agencies, :image_series
          where: == 148,
          select: map(project, [
            illustrators: [
            clients: [
            agencies: [

which returns

%{agencies: [], 
  clients: [], 
  illustrators: [], 
  slug: "project",
  title: "Project"}

When I query without the select, I get all the information I need, it’s just that I get much more than I need!

Is there a way to do what I want here, or is the select(map, ...) mainly for belongs_to/incompatible with many_to_many?

OR am I just “doing it wrong”?


You can use preload queries to customize how the association is preloaded:

comments_query = from c in Comment, order_by: c.published_at
Repo.all from p in Post, preload: [comments: ^comments_query]
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Right, but then I can’t select from the “main” query, it seems.

I did a bunch of preload queries like so:

    illustrators_query =
      from i in Illustrator,
        select: struct(i, [:name, :slug])

    clients_query =
      from c in Client,
        select: struct(c, [:name])

    agencies_query =
      from c in Client,
        select: struct(c, [:name])

    images_query =
      from i in ProjectImage,
        order_by: i.sequence,
        select: struct(i, [:image])

    image_series_query =
      from is in ProjectImageSeries,
        preload: [images: ^images_query]

which does what I want with the associations, but I can’t seem to then select fields from project.

I’m trying to do both :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking a look!