Selenium driver for elixir, with javascript support

In particularly I want to use Chrome/Chromedriver. In Python it’s

I know of 2 projects: elixir-webdriver and hound. which one is de-facto and mostly recommended? or is there anything else?

When a page contains javascript, I want it to execute as well.


there is also wallaby. For more info see here:

Having used both (and Ruby’s Capybara), I prefer wallaby since the APIs are really close. Hound is also cool, just I’d have to learn different API ;).

I believe that these use webdirver (or the new Selenium 2 should be sort of supported by now too). So you can hook up any selenium-supported browser to it. You can also use phantomjs, but I believe this project is being abandoned in favor of headless Chrome.


is it capable of scraping html pages with javascript?

yes, selenium runs a real browser so it can do all real browser can. Phantomjs also executes javascript, and can do almost everything real browser can.

why does it say “Concurrent browser tests with elixir” in wallaby? is it only about testing? how about just loading an html page and scraping it?

because it’s main purpose is testing but you can use it for automation of anything else if you want!