Semi-retired dev looking to break into Elixir w/ part-time remote contracts

I’m Dave Aronson, semi-retired software development consultant, meaning I sling code and give advice on processes and tools, roadmap projects and features, mentor juniors, and so on. At work, I am the T. Rex of Codosaurus, my one-person company (which explains how I can get such a cool title).

I have about 37 years of experience, in many different languages, systems, techniques, domains, and so on – but not including Elixir… yet. Now I am looking to break into that, via part-time remote back-end contracts, ideally up to about twenty hours a week by six months long.

You may have seen me around this forum for the past several years, and various other Elixir, Ruby, C, and software quality forums and user groups. I started learning Elixir several years ago, slowly, but have been accelerating lately, now that I am semi-retired. I’ve finished the entire Exercism v2 track, am now working on v3, and have done a bit of open source in it (see Github), but not landed any paid work in it yet.

I have a passion for software quality, to the point of creating my own definition and presenting about it at conferences, along with other related topics such as mutation testing – see my speaking page for details. Especially relevant here is that I will be speaking at Code BEAM Europe 2022!

Gory details:

  • My Location: Fairfax, Virginia, USA (near Washington DC); US citizen
  • Work Location: remote; travel is OK, as are occasional local site visits, but relocation is not
  • Experience: about 37 years, mostly Ruby in over the past twelve years (both on Rails and off), mostly plain old C for the 25 years before that, and lots of other languages mixed in, recently mainly Python and of course JavaScript, plus many others that I’d prefer to avoid
  • Much more of a back-end (or CLI etc.) dev than front-end – I can certainly make web pages that are clear and logically laid out, but don’t ask me to make them pretty!
  • Many different industries (defense, telecom, other gov stuff, financial data, security, language learning, etc.)
  • Fluent English, rusty French, been learning Portuguese since early 2021, know a bit of Japanese
  • Links: