Sending RFC 2822 compliant emails

I’m looking for input on RFC 2822 encoding of emails, more specifically Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable.

I’m currently using Bamboo for sending email from my system, which is working well, but doesn’t appear to have an option to do all the =3D and 70 character line stuff

There is this library for encoding:, but it’s not obvious how it would integrate with Bamboo.

How do folks here on the forum deal with this?

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I’ve built a transactional email service for a customer based on elixir which could handle multipart emails, GPG / SMIME encryption / signing. For this I faced similar obstacles.

Used libraries:

  • mailibex – Multipart Assembly & DKIM – Does have handling for quoted-printable
  • gen_smtp – Email Sending

I’ve found no way to integrate this with bamboo, but gen_smtp works just as well for me.

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Thanks, will check them out