Senior and Mid-level Elixir Engineer,, Remote Worldwide

Hey there!

Remote is solving global remote organisations’ biggest challenge: employing anyone anywhere compliantly. We make it possible for businesses big and small to employ a global team by handling global payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.

We are opening a handful of roles, for Senior and Mid-level elixir engineers, and we would like you to check out what we can offer. We are also open to hiring some people who don’t have Elixir experience but would like to become Elixir engineers.

About us

My name: Rachel Curioso
My position: Backend engineer
Company name: Remote
Company website:
Company headquarters: Our HQ legal address is in San Francisco, but nobody works there — Remote has been a fully remote company from day one.
Company info and history:

Remote was founded four years ago, and today we are a series-C scale-up. We have a large customer base, close to 1000 employees, and > 100 people engineering team.

Elixir is Remote’s primary backend language, and we are a proud member of the community. Our engineers are contributing back via open-source work, writing books and talking at conferences. We are also extremely proud to have José Valim as our technical advisor.

With this post we are advertising for two engineering roles: senior and mid-level Elixir engineer. The difference is documented in details in our handbook, but in essence, we expect a much higher degree of autonomy from senior engineers.

If you are just starting with Elixir, we have a few positions for people with experience in other languages who are willing to join the community. We will organise a month-long elixir bootcamp for them.

About the job

Job title: Senior Elixir Engineer or Elixir Engineer
Job description: As an Elixir engineer at Remote you will be working in a cross-functional team on building tools, APIs and integrations for our platform that enables employers to hire employees across the world.
Salary range: Remote uses geo-pay and your salary will depend on your location. Read more about our compensation philosophy here.
Position on remote work: We are a fully remote and async company. You can read more about it in our handbook: Remote Flow

Qualifications or experience required:

  • 2 years (minimum) working with Elixir and Phoenix
  • Postgres (or similar)

About the interview process

  1. (async) Application is reviewed by our Engineering Director
  2. Interview with our recruiter
  3. Interview with an Engineering Manager
  4. (async) code exercise (we don’t set any deadlines, but please be pragmatic about the time you invest in it)
  5. Interview with the team (backend and front-end engineers, sometimes also team leaders join)
  6. (async) Offer

Further info

Our team is here, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions and feel free to apply through our Careers page.


Quick feedback for your application page:

The resume upload happily accepts any file type even though PDF is required. When you go to submit, it errors with no indication that that was the problem (or, if it did, I missed it!)

The form is clear that it only accepts PDFs but thanks to Apple’s “don’t show the file extension” (which I should turn off), I accidentally uploaded the wrong file.

@sodapopcan I guess their website doesn’t use LiveView, because with allow_upload/3 the file picker would only allow selecting allowed extensions to begin with.

Lol, it does not! They have a React frontend.

@sodapopcan Oh! Thank you for your feedback. I’ll tell the others.
But did you managed to upload the file? We will think in other ways :smiley:

I did, yes, thank you! I went to submit on Greenhouse and when I went to upload my resume figured out that I had previously chosen the wrong file.

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I have been reading about your company and I got too enthusiastic to not at least try this. I am a Math student (about to finish my degree), I started doing Software Dev. in a 6 months internship using Phoenix Live View, Docker, Postgres, Heroku (overall). Now I work with Django, Kubernettes, Dramatiq, Redis, Rabbit. Still learning, though, I just have 9 month experience in total. I am really interested in functional programming and I liked much Elixir. But as I said I don’t have much experience and I should take half time due to my studies continuation. Because of all of these circumstances, I prefered to ask before starting a recruitment process.

Lot of success and take care!

Hello!! I’m glad you like us :smiley:
Unfortunately we are requiring a little more experience for our mid-lvl opening… but talking as Rachel and not as Remote employee, I like to think that the recruitment team is more qualified than us to see if we have the qualifications, so I suggest applying for the openings that grabbed your attention and let them decide if you are a match or not. The worst case scenario you will receive a no and gain experience from the process :smiley:

Hello Rachel.

I went to the site and don’t see the position(s) mentioned at the top of this post, so I’m not sure if they are still open.
I am a senior-level backend engineer, with 5 years of Erlang experience, but no professional Elixir experience.
If you still have positions for people who are interested in migrating to Elixir from other languages, please let me know.

Hi @ruttenberg :smiley:
We removed the positions from the website to organzie ourselves better. If you want to send me a message with your linkedin and email, I talk to our recruiters to start the process (:

Thanks Rachel.

Thank you @ruttenberg

I just sent you profile to our recruiter, Geri :smiley:
(You can delete the post with your info, if you want (: I already save it with me)