Senior Back End Engineer @ Simplecast (A Sirius XM Company)

Introductory paragraph

Hi! My name is Amy Marco, I’m a product manager at Simplecast. We are currently hiring for a full-time, remote-friendly position for a an elixir back end software engineer. Information about the position is below. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM and I’ll respond as soon as possible! You can apply for the position

About us

My name: Amy Marco
My position: Engineering Manager
Company name: Simplecast (a Sirius XM company)
Country: USA
Company info and history:

Every year, millions of new listeners are being exposed to podcasting, with hundreds of thousands of new creators meeting this increased listener demand with new content. Individual audio content creators are looking for better tools to immerse their audience in a story.

Since 2013, Simplecast has helped creators publish their podcasts the easy way with hosting, distribution, analytics & sharing tools. Thousands of individual creators and companies have trusted Simplecast with their audio, including Politico, Shopify, TechCrunch, Harvard, Medium, Fast Company, and many other names you know and love.

Over the last two years, we’ve been hard at work to usher podcasting into the future, by building the platform we’ve always dreamed of — with more listener insights than ever before, and as easy to publish, share and scale as any other medium.

In June, 2020, Simplecast joined the SiriusXM–Pandora family, where we’ll be able to help podcasters and their shows go even further. Along with AdsWizz and Pandora, Simplecast is breaking ground on unique distribution opportunities and exciting new revenue-generating tools.

We’re growing our product development team to shape the future of podcasting by empowering audio creators with the resources they need to connect their shows with a world of listeners.

About the job

Job title: Senior Back End Engineer
Job description:
Salary range:
Position on remote work: Remote friendly!!!
Qualifications or experience required:
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

About the interview process

We have both technical and cultural interviews. It’s our philosophy to try to make the interview process both thorough and concise, as such we favor more panel-style interviews and fewer overall interview sessions.

Further info

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