Senior Backend Developer - Fully Remote

Introductory paragraph

Zuppler is looking for Elixir developers to double or development team, booth seniors and mid level! We do not hire juniors for the moment.

About us

My name: Silviu Rosu
My position: Lead Backend Developer
Company name: Zuppler
Company info and history:

Zuppler is an online ordering solution with a distributed team different countries across Europe and India, using modern technologies to develop solutions to offer our clients a fast and reliable ordering system.

We are working with thousands of restaurants in US and we bring them online ordering directly in their current site.

About the job

Job title: Senior Backend Developer
Job description
Qualifications or experience required:

  • Experience with Elixir: you have developed applications for production use before
  • Eager to face the challenge of high traffic scale
  • Proficient in writing good quality and maintainable code.
  • Fan of writing thorough tests for the code to be sure that is working properly.
  • Self disciplined since we are working independently and you need to deliver what is promised.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

You will be working on our Elixir backend that powers online ordering for thousands of concurrent users, delivers the order to a bunch of external system, charges customers. There are many sensitive systems that will challenge you. We are using most of the power of Elixir from GenServers for keeping state to pubsubs, websockets, background jobs, distributed cluster of nodes, async communication via RabbitMQ,GraphQL.

You can be in any timezone you want, the only requirement is to be able to sync 3-4 hours a few days of week with US East time to be able to collaborate.

Further info

To apply send an email to