Senior Backend Developer @ RELEX - Helsinki, Finland (remote/on-site) | Full-time

We are looking for a full-time Senior Backend Developer to join RELEX at the Helsinki office (remote friendly). The position is in the Core Services team, one of the development teams responsible for engineering RELEX Work.

About us

My name: Mika Schafroth
My position: Team lead / Software engineer
Company name: RELEX Solutions
Country: Finland
Company info and history:

RELEX Work, part of RELEX’s cloud-native Living Retail Platform, strives to provide a world class, forecast-based workforce optimization SaaS that allows reducing labor costs while simultaneously increasing service levels. Core Services is the team responsible for backend logic and API’s being consumed by several UI’s and internal services.

The Core Services system is built completely with Elixir, Phoenix and PostgreSQL. Core Services exposes Elixir-powered logic to other RELEX Work microservices through HTTP APIs, which we develop using Phoenix.

We value reliability of our software very highly, and are continuously iterating on how to best maintain these qualities while developing new and existing features. As part of this, we utilise tools like dialyzer, credo and stream_data in our day-to-day work.

About the job

Job title: Senior Backend Developer
Job description:

The Core Services team forms a critical hub connecting all development teams at RELEX Work. Day-to-day work will include:

  • Developing new features that take the service to the next level
  • Refactoring existing logic and increasing code readability
  • Optimizing performance and fixing bugs
  • Participation in designing scalable technical solutions

Position on remote work: Flexible working hours and freedom to decide the extent of remote vs. on-site work (you’ll need to be resident in Finland or willing to relocate)
Qualifications or experience required:

  • Several years of experience in software development with focus on backend
  • Experience in functional programming
  • Appreciation towards clean and maintainable code and reliable software
  • Experience working in an agile software development team
  • Good written and verbal English language skills
    What the successful job applicant will be working on:
    Building a sophisticated workforce optimization and management service. The successful job applicant will work on the backend and API which is consumed by a variety of services, including UI’s and integrations that allow talking to external systems.

About the interview process

The process consists of two interviews (video calls):

  • Casual, 1-hour interview: For introducing the company, product and position as well as getting to know each other.
  • Technical interview, 1.5-2h: To talk through more technical topics, look at example code and potentially conducting a small code challenge during the call.

Further info

The job ad can be found here. Feel free to ask questions via this thread.


Please note the position on remote work. Despite of being remote-friendly you’ll need to be resident in Finland (relocation support available).

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