Senior Backend Developer - System76, Denver, USA

System76 engineers and manufactures open source hardware, software, and firmware at our factory in Denver, Colorado. At System76 you’ll play a key role in building and growing the world’s leading Linux computer manufacturer. We’re architecting systems and writing integrations to more efficiently manage e-commerce, inventory, production, assembly, support and other processes. In the near future you’ll architect the back-end for Pop!_OS synchronization across computers.

About us
My name: Troy Vitullo
My position: Director of Web Development
Company name: System76
Country: USA
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): System76 uses Elixir for most of our factory operations including (as you saw above) inventory, assembly, and warehousing.

About the job
Job title: Senior Backend Engineer
Job description
As Senior Backend Engineer, architecture design and elegant APIs are your forte. You’re well-versed in infrastructure management, devops, and database management. You’ve integrated numerous third-party APIs and managed both greenfield and legacy web apps.

Salary range: $150-$170k annual + benefits
Position on remote work: Remote, On-site or hybrid

Qualifications or experience required

  • 5+ years working in a production environment
  • Experience designing web application architecture and APIs
  • Experience integrating and managing third party API services
  • Elixir and Phoenix framework or extensive Ruby experience
  • AWS
  • Node.js
  • Git and Github
  • Ansible and Terraform
  • Docker, Kubernetes, and containerization
  • CI (Preferably using Github Actions)
  • Experience with rabbitmq and gRPC
  • Ubuntu server management

What the successful job applicant will be working on

  • Provide technical leadership within the web team
  • Integrate third party APIs and write custom APIs when necessary
  • Architect and author system backends
  • Design, develop and document System76 APIs
  • Work with front-end developers to integrate APIs and develop application logic and features
  • Run, manage and maintain System76’s cloud servers and web apps; and ensure infrastructure, scalability and constant uptime

About the interview process

  1. Initial short interview to establish you have the right credentials and you like the sound of what we do
  2. Take-home technical test
  3. Final interview where we ask more technical questions

It’s great to see System76 using Elixir!

Although I’m a Mac user myself I know that quite a few of our members are fans of System76 laptops …hence wondering whether you could organise a special discount for the Elixir community? :003:

No problem if you can’t, just thought it was worth a shot :lol:


Hey Aston,

I don’t have the authority to say yes, but it might be a good way to drum up some interest in the position we have open. I doubt it’s doable but I’ll talk to our head of Sales and see what he thinks. Thanks for the good idea!



Not to mention an exciting** opportunity for someone. System76 is doing great work.

** ‘exciting’: actually exciting. As opposed to its typical use in the tech world (“dull, pointless, probably bad for the world”).