Senior Backend Engineer - Remote, Germany/Poland/the Netherlands

Introductory paragraph

We have openings for Medior and Senior positions. In this role, you will join a new product & engineering squad while working with new backend technologies and dealing with systems that handle many requests. You will not only execute tasks but also suggest and make improvements for our backend infrastructure. Working collaboratively in multicultural teams, you will be involved in the process of SaaS product development as we prepare for the upcoming market growth.

About us

My name: Hey, I’m Patty [Patricia Fernandez, officially] :wave:
My position: I’ve been helping build teams at zenloop as a Tech Recruiter for the last 11 months
Company name: zenloop
Country: Germany
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

We’re a post Series A SaaS startup based in Berlin. We’ve used Elixir since the beginning of the company. We are currently using Phoenix LiveView on our zenAdmin.
We have a diverse team of 85+ zenloopies (8 Backend Developers) though we want to add more to a culture so we can’t wait to meet you!

:heart: Our values include: always getting better, zenloopies care for each other, get the right things done, and be water & ice.

About the job

Job title: (Senior) Backend Engineer
Job description:

  • Implement new functionalities on our platform
  • Solve complex programming challenges using functional programming languages (Elixir)
  • Work with AWS Cloud
  • Conduct regular code reviews/PR reviews for your colleagues
  • Maintain existing code and bug fixing (near 30% of tasks)
  • Write unit, integration and E2E tests

Salary range: depends on the location and level
Position on remote work: We were remote before it got popular :wink:
Qualifications or experience required:

  • A few years of professional experience as a Backend or Full-stack Developer
  • Some experience with Elixir language and ecosystem (Phoenix)
  • Experience working on production application in AWS or Heroku and PostgreSQL
  • Practical knowledge of how to communicate with REST API and understanding of distributed systems and resilient applications
  • Experience building server-side apps, using the MVC pattern or similar
  • Interest and/or previous experience in functional programming
  • Knowledge of RabbitMQ, Elastic Search, and Redis are an advantage

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
You will be joining a new squad that focuses on a specific part of our customer experience management product.

About the interview process

30 minutes with me (Patty)
60 minutes with our VP Engineer
60 minutes with your future team members

=> All through Zoom.

Further info

:inbox_tray: If you are interested, please apply here: Job Application for Backend Elixir Developer (m/f/d) at zenloop or email me at

Excited to meet you! :blush:


Hi Everyone, small update on the interview process:

  1. A small technical task relevant to our current issues. This is written by our VP Engineer in collaboration with our Backend team. The timeline should be 1 week to keep the ball rolling.
  2. 45 to 60 minutes - A technical interview with backend engineers (you will talk to them about your task results)
  3. 45 to 60 minutes - Final interview with our VP Engineer

All through Zoom as well :slight_smile: