Senior Backend Tech Lead - zenloop - Berlin, Germany - Remote*

Introductory paragraph

:white_check_mark: Lead technical decisions while still being hands on coding
:white_check_mark: Work with multi-cultural colleagues and have open communication/discussions
:white_check_mark: Thrive with remote work while still fostering a nice working culture

If you checked all three of the above, keep reading & get to know us.

About us

My name: Hey I’m Patricia Fernandez but you can call me “Patty”
My position: I’m an in-house Technical Recruiter and working closely with our VP Engineer on this position
Company name: zenloop
Website: Start Your Career at zenloop
Country: Germany
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): We’ve used Elixir since the beginning of zenloop in 2016. Our values include:

  • Always getting better
  • zenloopies care for each other
  • Get the right things done
  • Be water & ice

About the job

Job title: Senior Backend Tech Lead
Job description:
We need your talent as a Senior Backend Tech Lead to help us build and ship new features for our platform in a secure, well-tested, and performant manner. In this role, you will be in the lead for technical decisions as well as being involved in the product development process.

Your responsibilities as a Senior Backend Tech Lead:

  • Mentor others on complex programming challenges using functional programming languages (Elixir)
  • Improve quality, performance, maintainability and scalability of our platform by setting coding standards and developing application architecture
  • Lead the communication and cooperation with other teams & departments when needed
  • Cooperate with Product Managers to ensure important technical work is included on the roadmap
  • Propose and advocate for improvements to the software development process (code reviews, for example).

Salary range: depending on experience & location
Position on remote work: 100% remote if based in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands or Spain (due to hiring framework). We have an optional office hub in Berlin.

Qualifications or experience required:

  • Experience with functional programming languages (Elixir, especially)
  • Experience leading technical decisions for others
  • Responsible for broad part of, or entire application
  • Strong communication skills (in English) especially since we’re a remote team
  • Expert decision making (big picture, business considerations, etc)

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Technical leadership first
  • Coding and other hands on responsibilities second

About the interview process
All done via Zoom:

  1. Screening call with me (Patty) - 30 minutes
  2. Technical discussion with our Senior FE Lead & Platform Manager - 45-60 minutes
  3. Technical/company fit call with our VP Engineer - 45-60 minutes
  4. Meet the Team (2-3 Backend Devs) - 30-45 minutes

Further info

If you are interested, please apply through this link: Job Application for Senior Backend Tech Lead (f/m/d) at zenloop


Hi Everyone, small update on the interview process:

  1. A small case study (not coding) relevant to our current issues. This is written by our VP Engineer in collaboration with our Backend team. The timeline should be 1 week to keep the ball rolling.
  2. 45 to 60 minutes - A technical interview with backend engineers (you will talk to them about your task results)
  3. 45 to 60 minutes - Final interview with our VP Engineer

All through Zoom as well :slight_smile: