Senior backender at TalkJS (Chat API startup) - Remote (Europe & Northern Africa)

TalkJS lets developers build a perfect chat feature in just a few hours. We power communication in online marketplaces, community sites, trading platforms and so on. We’re product driven and we care tremendously about quality: We’re out to build the tool that every developer worldwide will use to build chat/communication features.

We’re looking double the size of our backend team (from 1 to 2) to scale up better and ship features faster.

About us

My name: Egbert Teeselink
My position: Co-CEO
Company name: TalkJS
Country: Distributed across Europe

Company info and history
Our stack is mainly Elixir, TypeScript, and PostgreSQL. Nearly the entire company is product people, founders are a designer and a programmer. Elixir is the magic sauce that lets us ramp up our usage tremendously fast.

TalkJS touches millions of people and is growing quickly. We’re in it for the long run: we combine a hungry ambition for growth with a healthy and flexible work/life balance. We expect a lot from each other and give a lot of support and freedom in return. Sound good?

About the job

Job title: Senior backend developer
Job description: We’re continuously adding features to make our backend much faster, more scalable, and more developer-friendly for our customers. If you think scaling a backend at a fast-growing startup sounds like an exciting challenge, then this is for you! We’re looking for someone who could be “architect” or “principal developer” elsewhere but prefers to get their hands dirty within an excellent & experienced team. We offer tremendous freedom and responsibility + work in a remarkably decent codebase (for a startup :-D)

At TalkJS we like to think that we’re good at striking a balance between meticulous code and shipping quickly. If that sounds like your kind of environment, then this is for you.

Position on remote work: We’ve been 100% distributed from the start, well before the pandemic made it trendy. We have a flexible, healthy, asynchronous, high-trust low-distraction remote culture and we continuously make it better.

Qualifications or experience required: Our ideal candidate:

  • has broad technical interests
  • likes to design great APIs for other programmers
  • has demonstrable experience scaling backends
  • has demonstrable experience coding Elixir (not necessarily professionally)
  • knows at least 3 programming languages well
  • likes to work together with the team to make our product better across the board

Bonus points if you know some frontend stuff (JS/HTML/CSS) too.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Scaling our backend
  • Shipping new features that fundamentally change the kinds of things TalkJS can be used for
  • Designing extremely developer-friendly APIs
  • Shipping all the time
  • Keeping the codebase great and spiffy

About the interview process

We’re a distributed team, which makes it possible for us to approach hiring a little different than most companies. Interviews primarily test interviewing skill, which does not really overlap that much with the skills we look for. Therefore, our process is relatively low on interviews. Instead, we do this:

  1. 30-minute orientation call (this is the only call!)
  2. 2-hour technical interview on Slack
  3. 20-hour paid trial project (done at a schedule that fits your situation)

This gives you a great sense of what it’s like to work at TalkJS. If it totally doesn’t fit your situation, we’ll figure out something else.

Further info

More info & how to apply here:


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Oh damn! Thanks for the find :slight_smile: We recently moved some stuff around in our docs and apparently had incorrectly set up a redirect rule, so the old link broke.

I just shipped a fix, thanks!

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